Comment: new comers aren't just welcome- they're NEEDED !

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new comers aren't just welcome- they're NEEDED !

We've seen first hand for some time the kind of damage that mis-information causes. Nobody knows the damage that lies and cheating and trolling can do to a campaign like Ron Paul supporters know. And now is just the time the trolls will be out in force. It is good that we are vigilant in spotting them or we'd lose precious ground from the damage they can cause. That said, all new-comers should feel welcome. WE NEED YOU MORE THAN EVER. Just know not to take any attacks personal. Hang in there- every week that you are here, the more trust you will earn. You're here because you know of the corruption that would try to derail us- please understand why you'd get jumped on for expressing well-meaning counter-points. Its not personal : )