Comment: Be careful with assumptions

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Be careful with assumptions

Parts of this post are good, but there are many parts to which I take exception.

First, as someone else stated below, just because a person has a new account here, it does not mean that they are clueless, or uneducated about Ron Paul. My account is relatively new (a couple months), and I haven't made many posts, but uneducated about Ron Paul I am not. I have been following RP since 96, when he returned to Congress. I have lived in his district since 98. I have followed his Congressional record and updates he put out since 96. I had an email exchange with him about a beautiful floor speech he made in 97. I have a sign in my front yard, and I will vote for no one but Paul for President.

Do not quickly or lightly apply the appellation "troll". Genuine, good-faith disagreement does not indicate that someone is a troll. The statement in the post about "spreading your fear and confusion" galls me. If someone has fear and confusion, in good faith, then help them along. Yes, there are trolls, but be careful not to drive people away.

Disagreement must be allowed to flourish here. We must maintain our wits about us. Uncritical acceptance of all good news and uncritical dismissal of bad news is not helpful. Enthusiasm yes. Cult of personality, no.

And please, I3ladeDragon, if you want people to take you seriously, cool it with the arrogance. This little aside: "because I have common sense", gives me pause.