Comment: Most burglars hate dogs. But

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Most burglars hate dogs. But

Most burglars hate dogs. But many dogs do not guard the house, so you need to make sure you get one that will bark and defend. The cats hate the dog to begin with but always learn to love them in the end, if the dog is a reasonable one. My favorite guard pet is a pot-bellied pig, actually. I have had two. They are at least twice as smart as a dog or cat, are EXTREMELY protective and totally freak everyone out when they do their protective stuff. They grow a bit large to be inside the house, but they are fantastic guard animals and companions if you raise them like a kid and not a dog. They hold no human as their "master". They must be trained with distraction and food--NO yelling nor hitting.

I have been robbed several times myself.It is a horrible and vulnerable experience, especially if you have a dog that would lick them to death and help them carry stuff to their car if he sorry.