Comment: How Ron Paul F-ed IT

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How Ron Paul F-ed IT

1) Didn't say he was in it to win it
2) Didn't specifically mention the other rasmussen poll which shows him doing much better than romney against obama
3) didn't discuss his platform clearly vs. romney
he's for ending the ndaa - not letting govt arrest you and jail you without a trial
he's against the war, romney is for the war

4) when he says "we get 5,000 8,000 people to our rallys" he shouldn't say on campus. And he needs to hold more meetings off campus. This shouldnt be seen as a campus movement. He needs to ADD "Romney seems to be having troubel getting 1000 people to his events"

5) He didn't clearly mention WITH EXCITEMENT the recent wins in MAINE, IOWA, etc. He needs to be EXCITED

sorry, a lot to ask. I know. But jesus this is not the time to come across dead pan!