Comment: If so, she has effectively resigned her seat in Congress!

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If so, she has effectively resigned her seat in Congress!

If she made any overt move or effort to BECOME a Swiss citizen, she has effectively 'renounced' her citizenship in the free Republic of America!

If Switzerland latched onto her as their own, they are misguided and greatly mistaken! She is a sworn servant of the people under our constitution, and being so, is De-facto, solely, a citizen of the Republic of the united States of America by virtue of her citizenship of one of the several states under the constitution.

Coming from a country such as Canada, which since Marxist Trudeau, and alike all other communist countries, keep you as their property even though you swear and renounce them when becoming a citizen of the united State of America... is not so bad or dangerous, unless you go back and visit and they want to impress you into their service.

However, as an American by birth, taking citizenship in another country entails a presumptive renouncement of your citizenship here. Since America does not facilitate such bizarre aberrations of national sovereignty, you can loose your American citizenship... something hard to get back once renounced!

One cannot remain a citizen of a free republic, in which the meaning of citizenship is so correctly expressed by the oath new citizens take, that they 'renounce all allegiances to monarchs, subservience to and allegiance to foreign laws, governments, and such', at the same time as seeking to promise allegiance to another sovereign nation, without ramifications.

Being at the same time a sworn servant of the people, bound by oath to both the requirements of qualification, as well the performance of duties under our constitution, and then also sworn to the allegiance to another sovereign nation, absolutely precludes remaining in office!

Not only is it essentially a resignation, it might also include maleficence or some violation related to national security!

No member of the government can be knighted by a foreign or sovereignty such as a monarch, for the same reasons.

It is bizarre!