Comment: US Dollar will be stable until there's an alternative to it

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US Dollar will be stable until there's an alternative to it

In the crisis that you are describing (and is likely to come), one's nightmare becomes someone else's only salvation. Unless many are awaken and become leaders in the initial vacuum! Which is what this movement is about, in a way.

Hollande has publicly declared his plan to 'End US Dollar Era'. The sanctions against Iran fueled the anti-USD movement and now Iran sells oil to India using rupees, BRICS is planning to ditch the USD and China is preparing to create a new gold backed currency.

What if the defaulting states from the EU (United Socialist States of Europe) do not embrace austerity as a solution to their parasitic way of living? Then the fire starts and all paper will burn...

This can no longer be called a conspiracy theory, it's a fact. Most of the above is in the news. Sadly, none of it is in the American news.

As for the readiness... The majority of the population in the US is completely dependent on stores such as Walmart and their 24/7 availability. Many people have never touched dirt, let alone planting vegetables or raising chickens for food. Some would even call PITA on you for killing a chicken to feed your family, while munching on a McDonals hamburger.

Edit: Decided to put the positive before the negative.