Comment: And I'll phrase mine this way..

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And I'll phrase mine this way..

If the video didn't make you laugh, you probably don't have any sense of humor whatsoever. And if it did make you laugh, but you still felt the need to comment negatively with the word stupid, then I suggest you go voice your opinion on someone elses thread. I love how you even speak the same language as Romeny..non-sequitor. Your funny. And like it's not juvenile to post a negative comment to someones thread just because another user. Or perhaps this is just another one of the same persons accounts. Who Knows these days. Again, if you didn't like it, move on. I guess go do something that has something to do with the "task at hand", like not posting on my Thread. Funny, you comment as if my post was negative, but you and brian seem to be the only two here offering negativity. Your comment by the way, was a bit non-sequitor itself.

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