Comment: You might be a troll if...

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You might be a troll if...

You might be a troll if you have been a member for 2 minutes and you...

  • make ridiculous/false comments and then when called out you ask:
    “Why was I down-voted?”.
        —>The Civility Troll<—
  • pretend you agree with everyone, but then come up with some sham concern.
        —>The Concern Troll<—
  • you criticize any possibility of vote and/or election fraud occurring simply because Fox News hasn't informed your lazy a$$ about it.
        —>The Already-Well-Informed Troll<—
  • are asked a simple question and you respond:
    “Nah, I'm only here to discuss topic XYZ”
        —>The Mono-Topic Troll<—
  • create your very own thread, before reading anything else, to discuss delegate strategy.
        —>The Shazad<—
  • use profanity in your first post
        —>The silent-agent-who-can’t-resist-blowing-his-own-cover-troll<—