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I can only speak for Canyon County

We were legitimately handed our a$$e$. I can also say the phone calls I made indicated that the polling numbers were reflective of the population.
People wave signs at intersections - who stops and talks to someone at an intersection? PHONE CALLS and DOOR TO DOOR - that is how you win voters and turn out the vote.
Most Idahoans DO love Ron Paul, but they will not vote for him. Idaho is the home of "Aryan Nations" and while everyone wants to think they are just a bunch of whackos, there are a lot of well educated and well informed people in that group. Idaho is the home of Ruby Ridge - it does not take a "conspiracy theorist" for an Idahoan to believe in government malice. And most Ron Paul supporters, at least around here, are truthers. A lot of them let truth take a back seat, but there are a handful of key people who made Idaho stand out last time, and they have crawled into the woodwork and are waiting for TEOTWAWKI at this point, and I am thinking they are the smart ones. There is one really awesome guy - truly our closest thing to "Ron Paul" is a little-known name who gave up and turned Democrat because the GOP RP people would not help him on key legislation, it was "too controversial" (A state bank was the main thing he wanted to do.)
Ron Paul support is being stolen in other little ways. I don't know how many supporters told me "I can't vote, I got busted with weed" but it was way too many.
I am "off my leash" to be here commenting. My daughter is now using my politics and "racism" (from a child who knows better but can't tell the difference between the Jewish race, the Judaic religion and the Zionist political agenda) has got me pretty well silenced. I don't make political videos at all, and I no longer comment on "risky" sites. Like this one. (Before you call me a coward, go watch the Kay Griggs interview and understand that is not so far from my situation.)
I can never know how much of my life is just my life, and how much is because I stood up and put a target on my chest, but I have been through hell. I did "Show me the note" all the way to court where the judge listened attentively for hours, then acted like we were deadbeats whining about a "national crisis" rather than turn to the BofA guy and say "Show her the damn note." I promote aquaponics, give fish away - nearly got Fish and Game out here for it. The IRS went back to old taxes and said they found an error, and I need to send them money, lots of money. My meetup got hi-jacked by some guy who just slanders me - I banned him so he started a competing one and continues the slander. But most of all, my grandbabies may be in very serious danger. Maybe nothing but a really big misunderstanding, but my gut tells me I am in so far over my head that all i can do is crawl in a hole and hope there is a god somewhere who gives a damn about innocent children.
And I will never know - how much of this is related? But I know I am not the only one whose life got torched after 2008, and those people still wear "Ron Paul" T shirts but they will not go vote. And some of them consider Ron Paul part of the cover up at this point. Maybe Idaho is just an oddball state, but it seems to me like we are the forefront of liberty. We took 1/4 of the vote in 2008, and his support has only grown here, yet his voter-base has shrunk.
Sorry for the long ramble. I hope Wead has something good up his sleeve, or I suspect Ron Paul supporters will go down as a footnote in history as "crazy conspiracy theorists who tried to overthrow the legitimate Republican Party."

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.