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To those who insist on persecuting Bachmann on this issue, I only have one question. First a couple of points...

- Dr Paul has made numerous public statements highly critical of President Obama for assassinating Anwar al-Awlaki, a natural born US citizen and dual citizen of Yemen, who was a "regional commander" within al-Qaeda, who repeatedly called for jihad against the United States, and who allegedly was involved in planning the "underwear-bomber" airliner attack over Detroit. Based on his statements Paul's criticism comes from the position that Awlaki was a bad guy who was likely guilty of heinous crimes, but he was an American citizen afforded the same protections and due processes that every American citizen is guaranteed under the Constitution.

-Michelle Bachmann became a dual citizen with Switzerland. Something that is not even a crime. For that, some Paul supporters believe she should be charged with sedition, stripped of her US citizenship, impeached, and deported to Switzerland.

Now my question is... Don't y'all think that might appear to be philosophically inconsistent, just a tad hypocritical? That's probably the first question the media would ask also. Think!