Comment: Welcome! Keys to succesful DP'ing

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Welcome! Keys to succesful DP'ing

In my humble opinion:
Sincerity (If you're new or a Romney/Obama/whatever supporter, dont hide your true motives, be open about it, we appreciate it, nobody is banned for being wrong :)
Have a thick skin and don't get offended
Back up what you have to say
Steer clear of personal attacks
Stay on topic and in the spirit of this site
Encourage and support those doing good
Get involved both here and in the real world
Tell us your success stories
Offer your expertise and knowledge
Ask and answer meaningful questions to the best of your ability
Don't be afraid to be corrected or entertain a new idea
Keep an open mind, but don't let it fall out :)
Don't be a debbie downer(not to be confused with realistic or practical)
Don't let anything douse your fire. Never give up! This may be a 50 year fight or more so keep your perspective on things.
And if you still don't quite feel comfortable posting yet the best advice is always lurk more. Take your time and get to know how things work here.

Do these things and you'll be just fine. You'll have very little trouble, unless you're looking for it you little scamp. lol In that case do the complete opposite of this list, our mod team will be standing by :D cheers!