Comment: rEVOLution 2012 and forever

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rEVOLution 2012 and forever

There are more of us out here than you would think, Im glad you had that experience. Hearing the hate is often difficult and one of the hardest pills to swallow, especially when you are out there trying your hardest to be fair, reasonable and prudent in often times very serious difficulties in people's lives. There is a big difference between those that have a carte-blanche disdain for all cops and fair criticism, nevertheless, there are unquestionably horrible examples of people employed in this job that should not be. I believe it is all relative to big goverment, dependency and excused personal irresponsibility that is rampant in our society. Dr. Paul's platform of liberty will cure those ailments and I hope enough people (and especially fellow civil servants) will recognize that soon enough. I thank you for sharing this experience, more than you could realize.