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Not meaning to offend!

I didn't say that they WERE clueless or uneducated. But with the influx of those who've just woken up, I said it was LIKELY. There are exceptions to everything. Hell, Doug Wead could have just made an account and I'd be venturing far to call him clueless or uneducated. I probably could have worded things better.

I don't use troll quickly or lightly. I call someone out if it is obvious on it. I don't know what prompts you to say that I've labeled someone a troll that is in good faith disagreement. I was just pointing out that trolls on this site are invasive on a vital issue in an effort to sway those who are generally newbies away. I don't understand how I am driving people away, rather than making sure they stay?

I understand the difference between valid good news and valid bad news. In my original post, I stated that bad news could be a load of bull and that people should do their research to make more informed decisions instead of jumping on board the disinformation and freaking out.

It may have been a little arrogant to say "because I have common sense". Wrong word choice? I guess what I meant to say is that I am very methodical and don't jump the gun. There is a reason for just about everything I do here and I try to maximize the productivity.

I might rewrite the OP later to be more specific with the points I am trying to come across with in a manner in which my intentions won't be skewed. Thnks for the feedback! :)

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