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prove the vote

We must now accept that part of the process of voting is to obtain a notarized affidavit for each of our votes. This affidavit must then be used to prove the actual valid vote count for Ron Paul. Corruption is so entrenched that is recognized and accepted as normal. It is not just America, but the whole world is at risk for extinction because of the quickly mounting evil. There is still time, not much, but enough to prove that there are still good and decent souls on this Earth, who will stand up for integrity, honesty, and an incredible man with a backbone of steel. He must be our leader during these tumultuous time, and we must guard his back. Revealing the absurdly enormous level of vote fraud is the beginning of a better life.

I have a notarized affidavit for my vote. Do you? Please upload a copy of your notarized affidavit at

Avenging Angel