Comment: what does she know?

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what does she know?

Is Obaaaaaaaaaaaama about to declare martial law following a massive new false-flag attack on Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York or elsewhere to be blamed on "sovereign citizens"? Will the Continuity Of Government protocol finally kick into high gear? Is the US Dollar about to crash and burn leading to a bank holiday with 40% debasement of currency and seizure of gold? Is there a bioweapon release from Fort Dietrich in the works? Do "the scientists" know about an impending N.E.O. impact yet not telling us? Is a galactic shock wave on it's way from the center of the galaxy? Are massive solar flares about to occur? Is there a globalist underground bunker complex leftover from the Nazis available to inside players? Are the Archons initiating their evacuation of Earth and heading back to Mars? What does she know?

225 days until the end of the 12th Baktun of the Mayan calendar - I recommend Lee Brown, Cherokee

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