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For those not

For those not donating....Here is something to think about....

At the end of February, Ron Paul had just $1.37 million in his campaign account. Since that time, he has gotten approximately $4 million in donations. (I am estimating March and early April but it has been $1.7 million since the last money bomb, and he was getting about 16,000 a day before that, and got less than $2 million in the previous money bomb. So it is about $4 million total.)

So, adding that to what he had and that is $5.37 million to spend over the last 10 weeks. AT THE MOST. (Less since all those $5 or $10 donations amounted to much less after credit card fees.)

While that may sound like a lot, consider that he spent $8.5 million in January and February alone. And even though March and April would be less costly months for a campaign, they are not THAT much cheaper since Paul has been continuing to travel to colleges which is not cheap.

There is a reason why the last two request for money have had specific amounts asked for. Because that is what he NEEDS to continue with any real campaign. But the previous request got almost a million dollars less than asked for. And so far this one is over $500-700,000 less than asked.

And yet people are still complaining that Ron Paul is not flooding the TV channels with anti-Romney commercials? Where do you expect the money to come from?