Comment: Buy a program called webcamXP and then buy IP cameras

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Buy a program called webcamXP and then buy IP cameras

On Ebay for next to nothing. Set up the software and add the cameras, now forward all motion alerts to your smart phone and you can call the cops even if you are out of the country and the motion sensor goes off, you are alerted instantly via email of an intrusion and pictures/video of the break in is captured.

WebcamXP PC software $89.00, 3 infrared night vision cameras and 1 outdoor night vision camera from Ebay about $200.00 (sometimes less!) So for $300.00 and a smart phone you can monitor your entire house day and night no matter if you are on vacation or next door, and call the cops if there is an intrusion. Cheapest and most efficient self monitoring system with no monthly fee, and the app on the smartphone is free called :IP cam viewer.

Being able to capture photos and video of any and all that enter your property is a great feeling, but knowing instantly when someone that is not supposed to be there enters is awesome.

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