Comment: Ron Paulers from Oklahoma,

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Ron Paulers from Oklahoma,

Ron Paulers from Oklahoma, write this guy back, tell him you've been hearing about those "Ron Paul people", ask him how you can help keep those rabble rousers from taking over. Tell him you'll do anything to keep those "drug pushers" from being delegates. He will sign you up on the anti-Paul delegate slate immediately. Then, it's we win = we win, or they win = we win!

As I was heading up my county nominations committee and putting Paulers on the list, this old timer comes up to me and says, "I smell a skunk in here, I think we have some Ron Paul people trying to take over!" I said, "Nah, you think?" We took 15 out of 23 delegate spots, but they think those "Paulers" only took 2 or 3!