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Something Inexpensive

These are great if you are a heavy sleeper and don't want a dog:

I might also recommend some laser motion detectors outside, like your driveway so you can be alerted if someone walks/drives on your driveway. While they are preparing to break in, you're sitting at the front door with your shotgun.

Don't advertise you have guns, just one more reason to break in and steal them.

Personally, I have a glock 9 mounted on the side of my nightstand with laser sight, 870 Remington 12g within an arm's reach, plus a locked and loaded AR-15, Son has a .22 pistol, also got a Sniper Rifle (.308).. baseball bat behind each door. My 15 year old can pick off a quarter at 100 yards too. Make sure your kids are comfy with guns! I had him join the gun club in high school. I have enough ammo (50k rounds) to protect my entire neighborhood. I prefer to buy ammo over gold. Easily traded when TSHTF.

I have 4 video cameras at my office and 4 at home. They upload to each other's ftp locations incase they steal it, at least I'll have a backup. I use Pingdom to make sure my internet connection is up at all times and it alerts to my cellphone with a very loud ring.

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