Comment: But AP has Romney at 966 delegates... not 849. Thus he wins.

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But AP has Romney at 966 delegates... not 849. Thus he wins.

"The AP Updated 05-09-2012. At 7:10 pm, after May 8th's contests in IN, NC, and WV, the AP delegate projections were Romney 966, Paul 104, Gingrich 130, and Santorum 264."

If noone is correcting the AP now, and everyone is going by AP's numbers, why then should we expect that they will back Romney's numbers down to your 849?

Next, by your own math above, Romney stands to win 553 delegate. Add that to the 849 = 1402, Romney wins. If Romney does not win texas and california (not likely), He still wins because the AP is not using your 849, they are using 966

(232+966=1198 Romney wins without Cal and Tex)

I wish and hope that you are right, that there is no way that Romney can get the 1143 before the GOP convention... so please explain it to me if I am wrong.... Its clear to me, thanks to you, he will be voted in on the 1st round. Its done.

In Arizona, the "presumptive nominee has the ability to decide if he wants to seat all of Arizona's 58 delegates at the National convention, not just the 29. See my other post on this.


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