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No unit rule

None of these states have a unit rule.

In Idaho, delegates were allocated at the county caucus level; it just so happens Romney won at every county, so he got all the state's delegates. That doesn't mean they're all bound to him by a unit rule.

"Any candidate winning more than 50% or more of a county's vote will be awarded that entire county's share of National Delegates."

Now if that had said "state" instead of "county" then, yes, unit rule. But they were bound at the county level, not state.

"When neither candidate wins more than 50% of the vote, the candidates split the county's share of National Convention Delegates, in proportion to the candidates' county vote totals [Rules Article VI Section 4:]."

And if Romney hadn't gotten 51% of the vote in each of those counties, other candidates would've gotten delegates.

Anyway... check out the rules for each of those states. No unit rule.