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Comment: The AP delegate count is

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The AP delegate count is

The AP delegate count is wrong. Please see my total delegate count for Romney and Paul in my earlier posts. The AP is using projections based on how many unbound delegates they think will vote for him. My count is only the 100% confirmed delegates. The only thing that can raise his 849 number is the RNC delegates that currently plan on voting for him and that is a problem I addressed in this post and that is why the campaign should try to sway them.

Please keep in mind that reaching the goal stated above is not as simple as I made it sound. If Romney loses TX and CA and gets 1081 there are many factors that could raise this number to 1144. Here are a few:

1. The RNC delegates.

2. The few delegates that he will pick up from TX and CA even if he comes in second.

3. In the remaining Stated conventions where delegates will be allocated, even if Ron Paul picks up the majority (Which he will), Romney will still pick up a few.

These factors, unless we work hard to stop them, will likely raise Romney's number beyond 1144. But if we achieve the goal stated in the OP, his delegate number won't be very much over 1144. At that point something like abstaining will be necessary.