Comment: As a fellow NJ resident, I

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As a fellow NJ resident, I

As a fellow NJ resident, I hope you're joking. Traitor? You claim to be from the Tea Party. Is that on principle or convenience? Do you believe in bailouts? Government run health care? Mandated health insurance? Unbalanced budgets? That cutting $1trillion out of the budget would be harmful? No child left behind? Anti-privacy provisions of the Patriot Act? Extrajudicial indefinite detainments by the executive branch? American empire and spreading the enlightenment to the Middle East? I wonder where the other candidate opposing Paul for the nomination stands on those issues. I wonder what it's like for someone on the Tea Party to get behind a candidate that ran to the left of Ted Kennedy in '94.

Paul beats Obama in numerous polls. In a most recent Rasmussen poll, he beats Obama while Romney ties him. Paul polls much better with Independents and disaffected Dems. Face it, Romney has no chance against Obama, barring a complete economic collapse between now and November. The Tea Party is making a fatal mistake not getting behind the candidate who was the philosophic inspiration behind the movement. Who's the traitor?