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You certainly find it easy to

You certainly find it easy to make assumptions, of course that is just about all you Greenback Hacks can do since you can never explain anything that remotely approaches reality in your commentaries. Heck, all you have is fake quotes to rely upon, twisted history and misinformation. When you are asked direct questions regarding the actual mechanics of what you propose you divert attention away from the subject of those questions and start railing about this or that.

I have yet, in the last 60 years, found a single person who supported the position that the FED is a private bank owned by private banking families our of London who was able to provide even a smidgeon of actual proof to back up their claims. You have your MEME and you stick to it like glue despite any evidence to the contrary and in fact, despite, in most cases, logic or even common sense.

You readily make claims but can’t support those claims. You rely upon a history that does not exist and various questionable assertions you then assume are facts, thus your doctrine of faith is based on such assumptions and since you are so ardent in your cultist belief system you call anyone who questions you heretics or worse.

It is simple: SHOW US THE ABSOLUTE UNDISPUTABLE PROOF YOU HAVE. Like I said, I have yet to find a single individual who can provide such proof and I’ve met a lot of your types.

Additionally, it appears, once again that you are making assumptions when you describe these meanings of “End the FED”, and ascribe such meanings to others when it should be obvious to any intelligent person that such attempts of ascription as to what they are thinking, what they mean when they say a phrase is a complete waste of energy since there is simply no way for you to know such things and, once again, you only are making assumptions.

That’s all you Greenbackers do, is make assumptions, form arguments around those assumptions and honestly, I’ve never met a single Greenbacker who I could place any degree of trust in or confidence about their veracity due to the fact that they always seem to use deceptive tactics to prove their positions.

You have apparently been so indoctrinated with your Greenbacker dogma that you can’t even see the completely ridiculous logic you are using when making your case.

How do you know the exact perception of your imaginary “owners”, which you and no one else has ever been able to prove exist, want the general public to have? Certainly, you must have some idea how you know such occult knowledge? I suppose you believe that these “owners” have the power to make this government spend all that money, they are under some type of spell that compels them to rack up massive debt in hope that they can destroy the whole economy of which they will then, finally have control over absolute shambles. If that is your idea of how and why they, these occult “owners” of the FED are operating then you should really think about it again, see if that really makes any sense whatsoever.

Certainly, it should be relatively easy to show where the massive amounts of money the FED is printing up is going, so, show us that all that money is not going to the government, but to these “private owners”. Since, it is doubtful that you even know how the entire monetary system works under the FED, I have serious doubts that you can show us anything. Thus far I’ve had Greenbackers tell me everything from Goldman Sachs actually prints the money to the FED prints the money. Greenbackers are, from my experience, an ignorant lot. They cannot form an adequate argument for their case so they rely upon every deceitful tactic imaginable.

I don’t trust Greenbackers, they lie, use fake quotes, misinformation, diversion tactics, fake or distorted history and all to promote what they call the truth. To Greenbackers the truth is just a lie in a different form.

I dare say, Soleprobe, Dr. NO, LibertyBaby and DrKrbyLuv are all and the same person. I say that because it is interesting the construction that is used, they all seem very similar in they way they present their case, they all avoid the hard questions, divert attention away from those questions to another subject when they can't give answer and as a final resort, they make accusations.

Actually, I believe it was this very same Greenbacker: Soleprobe that stated this whole movement was EVIL, and that he once thought Dr.Paul was not corruptible, the inference is that Dr. Paul is now corruptible.

"We are not a nation, but a union, a confederacy of equal and sovereign States" John C. Calhoun