Comment: against all odds

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against all odds

No matter what, let it be said that I did everything in my power to make a better future for generations to come. When the going gets tough thats when we are needed to put our efforts forth and change the direction of humanity.

As I see it a group of about 250 or so people have perpetuated a multi generational extortion, theft, war, and debt slavery upon all of humanity.

Until a critical mass of humanity can see this, the rest of humanity will continue to support their own genocidal extinction.

Only a leaderless revolt of ideas (like Dr. Paul's) using as a primary weapon of enlightened disengagement will humanity be free of the false national debts used to justify the immoral extorted theft submission control system.

Humanity is in a race on one side the 250 or so top henchmen if they win potential extinction as a worst outcome.

On the other side a growing mass of humanity that no longer will submit nor participate in the false debt slave financial control system. If they gain critical mass to change direction a era of prosperity and enlightenment will be enjoyed by humanity for all those hiden tech will be revieled.