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there isn't much difference

so this is a kabuki dance to keep the blinds closed on the same old same old support the wars

In my little activism in this community I find the economy
gets most over 50 and the wars and
BRING PUT TROOPS HOME gets the under 30s

lesson: many young people have lovers, brothers, cousins, ex classmates, still out there and many have same who cant come home anymore.

This STOP the WARS is very effective so we need to push that
to counter the bamarommie prancing about with gay music

MOST people dont give a figleaf about the sexual preferences of
other people, especially the younger generations but they do care a bunch about kids in uniforms getting killed every day.

Make 'BRING OUR TROOPS HOME" a chant wherever young people gather.

it does work on my generation as some have grandkids out there but it is, IMV the single most pointed tool we have to get the attention for the whole platform.