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Bad post... Not all cops are bad. Actually I would venture to say that majority are not, and there are those few minority bad apples that we all know about. I had a case of vandalism near my house (saw some kids trying to break into someone's car in the middle of the night) a few weeks ago - I dialed 911 and they showed up within a minute or so busting their dumb asses. Afterwards one of the cops talked to me to get the info (they require that in case of trial, etc) and I chatted with him for a bit and afterwards we thanked each other and they were on their way with the punks in the back of the police van. They were fast, professional and polite as most cops would be. A good number of them is out there doing their job because they don't want to see their communities torn down by crime and violence. The only time cops become a problem is when politicians make so many things a crime that you have to start hiring en-mass just to be able to keep up with the number of "law-breakers". That's when you have police state with a bunch of losers applying and getting jobs in law enforcement. Ultimately it's the politicians that make cops the enemies - as long as the definition of crime is limited to "malum in se" crimes most cops will be productive and important members of society.