Comment: Do you not know how much money the neocons would lose?

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Do you not know how much money the neocons would lose?

Having a person of integrity in the White House would screw up SOOOO many pork deals for existing neocon politicians and the companies/lobbyists that work through them.

The entire neocon propaganda industry would suffer massive loses. Either they'd stick to their neocon ways or try to switch to real conservatism. Either way would likely result to big losses. Heck, since most radio stations now evolve around neocon talk shows, a Ron Paul Presidency could bankrupt many radio stations. [The easy fix for radio stations is having a set of good real conservative talk show hosts replace the neocons...I'm sure we have quite a few already.]

Worst of all, young politicians would have a role model. They would believe that they don't have to compromise...that they don't have to sell out...that they don't have to be selfish...etc. Thus, the political community of neocons would grow weaker.

So they stand to lose a lot.

They really painted themselves in a corner...and are fighting like it. They know that we will never trust them, thus, to win, we must terminate their positions, their industries, their wealth and power.

We are fighting for many things: some specific, some lofty. They are fighting for something very specific: money, power, and reputation. For not only will they lose wealth, they will lose all that star treatment, the adoration of so many. They are fighting going down in disgrace...and possible imprisonment!

Frankly, these should be part of our Revolution goals...because they are necessary to our success.