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Comment: Simple Principles first

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Simple Principles first

If Ron Paul runs things here in American and he stops enforcing legal tender laws (stops protecting or subsidizing the monopoly), then The FED will be forced out of business.

It is that simple in principle.

Stop destroying competition and a monopoly can't survive.

That is demonstrably true.

How about a hypothetical example?

Utah, and about 11 other States may begin inventing, producing, and maintaining competitive Legal Monies, and they may do so with or without Ron Paul taking over The Federal (which is actually national now, not Federal, but Ron Paul can put the Republic back into the Federal part of the Republic) regime.

What happens to The FED, with their counterfeit money product, when anyone has 11 choices within the Republic to choose from when anyone wants to save some of their hard earned earnings?

Only those who have invested in the power of legal monopoly, or legalized counterfeiting, will still choose The FED products, everyone else will dump that "dollar", trying to sell everything they have that is denominated in FED dollars, so as to secure their earnings in the competitive forms.

Run that scenario around awhile before jerking your knees - please.