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Comment: we don't "mock" the skeptic/scorner...

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we don't "mock" the skeptic/scorner...

...who deludes himself/herself with denial that creation and conscience revelation PROVES the existence of God, the Creator...(and the flood that destroyed this Earth about 4400 years ago)

We WARN them ... consider the LATE hour of this nation's existence; only moral depravity, and tolerance for all that moral depravity by those who dare to SHUT UP the truth from their ears, has led us to the brink of a civil war once again.

Only God can defeat the spiritual wickedness in high places; and the evidence is that He did in fact do that for our founders, which in turn, was also us as their posterity.

The time has come to take a stand against evil; and Ron Paul is but one more Christian statesman in a long succession of God's remnant who not only WARNS us where we are headed, but likewise, has given us the EVIDENCE and PROOF of what we have allowed to happen because our selfish whims have driven us away from our civic duty.

Men who feared God birthed this nation, and that reverence for God's moral absolutes sustained desire only to hear this message from secular humanists is a willful denial of the TRUTH; it is also the same lie that Eve succumbed to in the Garden of Eden - "ye shall be as gods".

Satan's game:

1)get a man to doubt God's Word
2)get a man to deny God's Word
3)deify mankind, and enthrone him as god over this planet.

Nothing has changed...the warning is clear...judgement is coming; you best be on the right side when it's Christians(like Ron Paul) that are warning everyone...with a tremendous amount of EVIDENCE to back them up, which carries with it GREAT RISK...

Rest assured; salt irritates, and Christians are to be the salt of the Neo-Con Christians will be the ones rounding up the other Christians(who didn't vote for Romney) once Obama is re-elected if their plan goes through...