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There is no official

campaign or part of a campaign here, not for money, not for anything. Not on a state level, county,city or Federal, we are a group of citizens buying hotel space for citizens of the State of Missouri to attend a convention. The citizen might be a delegate, or might be a delegate's family member.

You are donating to a fund that will mainly be paying for hotel rooms.

In addition, this is not for an election, as a Republican State Convention is a private affair and is not directly or indirectly controlled by any National, State or municiple government. If the Missouri Republican Party wanted to cancel the 2012 Republican State Convention, they could without recourse from any government entity.

The Republican Party is a private club.

Here is the link to Missouri's Secretary of State, Elections division

The link shows the entire amount of information about state political parties (not much)

There have already been delegates chosen via congressional district conventions here in Missouri, you will notice that nowhere does the State of Missouri report them, because they DO NOT Exist in the eyes of Missouri, because political conventions are Private Affairs.

Once people understand that The Republican Party is not part of the Government, they won't post wrong info.