Comment: The Baby Boomers...the most

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The Baby Boomers...the most

The Baby Boomers...the most sold out generation. And the most hypocritical...where did all the hippies go?

Mom and dad have become SPOILED ROTTEN.

They had it all...great paying jobs, cool cars, great music, no college tuition debt, pensions, free healthcare, and now Social Security checks are starting to roll in for the icing on top of their cake. They're not going to rock the boat, baby...

They can give two you know what's over the fact that the Social Security system is gonna go broke in the next 20 years....

Now I know WHY they are called the baby boomer generation...stick a babba in their mouth via the mainstream media, give them a warm bottle of Kalua and milk, send them off to Vegas and they're happy as clams.

Over 10 years after 911, over 48 years after JFK, RFK, and MLK were assassinated, and after Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War I, and now Gulf War II...they still don't get it. The government gets bigger, the dollar gets weaker, America is in a depression, but they don't care because they're all retired and living the high life in their, "Golden Years," whop whop whop....

They've been coddled with big government since they came out of their mother's womb. Government knows best. The United States can do no wrong. The television news is gospel, and the morning newspaper tells it like it is.

Ignorance is not bliss, it's ignorant - and dangerous.

Golden years, gold, whop, whop, whop
Golden years, gold, whop, whop, whop
Golden years, gold, whop, whop, whop

Don't let me hear you say life's
taking you nowhere,

Come get up my baby
Look at that sky, life's begun
Nights are warm and the days are young
Come get up my baby

There's my baby lost that's all
Once I'm begging
you save her little soul
Golden years, gold, whop, whop, whop
Come get up my baby

Last night they loved you,
opening doors
and pulling some strings, angel
Come get up my baby
In walked luck and you looked in time
Never look back, walk tall,
act fine
Come get up my baby

I'll stick with you baby for a thousand years
Nothing's gonna touch you in these golden years, gold
Golden years, gold whop whop whop
Come get up my baby

Some of these days, and it won't be long
Gonna drive back down
where you once belonged
In the back of a dream car
twenty foot long
Don't cry my sweet,
don't break my heart
Doing all right,
but you gotta get smart
Wish upon, wish upon, day upon day, I believe oh lord
I believe all the way
Come get up my baby

Run for the shadows, run for the shadows in these golden years.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.