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Comment: ☛ Upcoming State Conventions, Primaries and Caucuses

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☛ Upcoming State Conventions, Primaries and Caucuses

Here is a list of important upcoming events for Ron Paul to get delegates. Do what you can to promote these, at least once per day, in whatever way you think is best. I will update this when I have time. If I need to make corrections, please leave a comment.

Please note that there may still be time to become a delegate. All it takes is one quick phone call to your local county/village office or local Republican Party office and ask if there are still any VACANCIES for delegate or alternate delegate spots.

April 28 - May 19 (District) Conventions Virginia
May 11-12 Convention (AL delegates) Oklahoma
May 12 Convention Arizona
May 12-19 (County) Conventions New Mexico
May 15 (Non-binding) Primary Nebraska
May 15 Closed Primary Oregon
May 15 precinct delegates elected Idaho
May 18-19 Convention Michigan
May 18-19 Convention Georgia
May 18-19 Convention Mississippi
May 19 Convention Vermont
May 19 Convention South Carolina
May 19 Convention (CD delegates) Kentucky
May 18-19 Convention Minnesota
May 22 Open Primary Arkansas
May 22 Closed Primary Kentucky
May 29 Open Primary Texas
May 30-June 2 Convention Washington
Jun 1-10 (County) Conventions Nebraska
June 1-3 Convention North Carolina
June 2 Convention Louisiana
June 2 Convention Missouri
June 5 Closed Primary California
June 5 Semi-Closed Primary New Jersey
June 5 Closed Primary New Mexico
June 5 Closed Primary South Dakota
June 5 Open Primary Montana
June 7-9 Convention Texas
June 8-9 Convention (AL delegates) Illinois
June 8-9 Convention Indiana
June 9 Convention (AL delegates) Kentucky
June 9 (Special District)Convention (CD delegates) Arkansas
June 10 Open Caucus Nebraska
June 16 Closed Caucus/Convention Montana
June 16 Convention New Mexico
June 16 Convention Iowa
June 16 Convention Virginia
June 21-23 Convention Idaho
June 23 (District) Conventions Oregon
June 26 Semi-Closed Primary Utah
July 14 Convention Nebraska

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