Comment: I've figured out the real

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I've figured out the real

I've figured out the real delegate count, guys! I've based my calculations based on:

- States that have already allocated all their delegates
- States that have allocated only delegates at the district conventions, with the rest to be allocated at state conventions (if any)
- Inside info from Paulite delegates

So, you keep on hearing the real delegate count being Romney with about 900 and Ron with a little over 100, correct?

Well, I'm about to inform you on the current situation of the delegate allocation. Romney has 562 delegates, Ron has 204 and 886 delegates are either unbound (Santorum and Gingrich delegates) or have yet to be allocated. 886 DELEGATES HAVEN'T BEEN ALLOCATED YET!

Sure, we are expecting Ron to win states like Iowa, Washington, Minnesota, Missouri, Louisiana and others big but the delegate count I calculated is the most realistic scoreboard until the multiple State Conventions to happen on Saturday and should we do well as projected in the states I mentioned, obviously, the delegate count will be even better for Ron, but we can't get ahead of ourselves and be hasty.