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exactly right

Where were the Romney volunteers to be delegates in Iowa on caucus night?, oh that's right they went home to watch more Hannity on Fox (duh) so they should see how to vote next. Meanwhile back at the delegate ranch, also known as the Iowa Caucuses, Ron Paul supporters were becoming delegates and continuing the process.

Like Ron Paul said that night, we will win the majority of the delegates.

Like my state in Missouri, the Primary meant absolutely nothing, the media even got on the bandwagon and warned people the primary meant zilch, still people came out to vote, even though they knew the caucus is what mattered.
Paul people came out, he has the most delegates of any one candidate, by Shazads thinking he should then win the state, but wait, then if Gingrich, Santorum and Romney supporters gang up on Paul, and he loses, I guess Romney stole Missouri.