Comment: Dumbing Down of the Electorate Has Been Intentional

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Dumbing Down of the Electorate Has Been Intentional

I agree, and also think that the dumbing down of Americans re: how our elections actually work, is deliberate. The media and the establishment are horrified that the electorate will figure out that we've been lied to (by them) about our votes being the decisive factor in elections. We have been intentionally misled, and the MSM has been complicit. That's why they're trying to mislead people...again. It has been emphasized to every American how important it is to get out and vote, when it's important to get out and be a delegate! That's because they can control the outcome of the "beauty contests" with voting machines. Once again, Ron Paul exposes the myths for what they are.

BTW, people are shocked once they find out they've been lied to, and then they begin to wonder what else they've been told that's wrong!