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You're an eagle eye

My vision is poor so maybe that's why I am amazed you cleaned up the image. I should have posted it was one of the cleanest images I ever saw. I think your graphocs are super clean, and if there's paid employment for photoshop cleaning up images, you could be at the top of the editors. What is impressive about your graphics is how clean and neat, even the color. You're gifted.

I don't know if the image of RP saluting the peace sign/ victory (ever seee the picture of Richard Nixon saluting the peace sign/ victory V sign"? I've seen the image on tee shirts, and of course being a peace nic, I'm drawn to it, and like it, my problem is having been down a few rabbit holes and the image is tarnished with poast images, of Hitler and Nixon saluting people who helped them achieve their position.

I appreciate your work and find you gifted in graphics. I don't oppose the image, I'm just saying what my por vision and dyslexia show me in it.. what my mind sees. I'm sure the majority of the population does not see that at all.

If I offended you, I'm sorry, that was my poor English (my only language), not my intention to offend you.