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Thanks for keeping the ball rolling

This is interesting stuff, because it is in the interest of human survival.

"Why give the criminals a 12 month heads up?"

Here is where I agree with a strategy of acclimatization. Please consider what may be a foreign viewpoint at first.

Competition (not enforced "competition", not false competition, not criminal competition) may work slowly and not at all suddenly, unless there is a willful, vindictive, effort to punish people, and then those vindictive punishing people may end up convicting and punishing a lot of innocent bystanders as those vindictive punishing people enforce their will to excess.

The way of Liberty, it seems to me, merely offers all of us the choice to opt out now, rather than waiting until that choice is no longer a choice.

Those who are destroying the dollar know exactly when they are going to sell out their last dollar denominated investments before they crash that dollar product. The idea here is to give everyone the memo.

Hey, you, yes you, you are part of everyone right?


The dollar produced by the fraudulent FED is on the way out and here is your memo, it is now possible to get out before there isn't anything left in the bag.


Don't be caught holding the empty bag.


Read the memo.

Some people just won't listen, of course, and their ignorance will cost them, and it may take time for the NEWS to become current enough so as to afford those who are followers to hop onto the band wagon and join the herd as the herd moves in a new direction (away from Legal Crime and toward Liberty).

If all a person does from cradle to grave is follow orders, jumping as high as told, when told, then there can be a presumption of innocence concerning what his, or her, leaders do: leaders willfully invent the orders, make those orders, and enforce those orders, while, in the next moment, the followers are "just following orders".

The Nazi example is the poster boy in this case.

Read all about it:

Voices from History

All Germans are bad, of course, look what they allowed their leaders to do, and the winners write history, so while "we" are winning we can ignore how "our" leaders torture and mass murder on a regular basis.

At least in the case of Ron Paul's acclimatization schedule, it seems to me, he does not become that which he abhors, instead he resorts to full disclosure, within his power to do so, which is the opposite of the often chosen resort to deceit.

Does that make sense?

"Also, why make the Treasury Sec Tim Geithner the one who approves the actions during the winding down of the FED?"

The concept of a Democratic Federated Republic is to remove (however possible) unlimited power from potential dictators, and if there are areas where that power has not been removed, let it be shown, again by full disclosure, that it needs to be removed. In other words: a return to a working Democratic Federated Republic will no longer transfer unlimited power to any potential dictators, even one named Tim Geithner, but (and this is very important to me) no one knows how a working Democratic Federated Republic will deal with criminals who have committed well documented crimes while they have employed a Nation State as a tool by which they perpetuate crimes such as fraud and extortion - torture and mass murder - and threatening the human species with extinction.

In other words: Using a Nation State to "regulate" everything in sight is what has been wrong, obviously, painfully obvious, so a return to Due Process can be a foreign concept.

One can't expect things to work as before, once Liberty returns into power, once the old regime is out, and instead of regime change (out with the old boss and in with the new boss) we start being honest, productive, people, then only those who are presumed to be innocent, but found guilty, beyond a shadow of doubt, will be targeted for whatever the law enforcers (a jury for example) dictate to be the right thing to do to, say, a person convicted of using the power of law to torture hundreds of innocent victims, or murdering millions.

Just because Nazi's were hung for doing the same thing, does not mean that you, or any other person on a jury, has to order the same punishment for our own home grown Nazi copies here in America.

What, exactly, is the process due to the people who did the most to make torture legal and to make mass murder legal here in America?

If those worst Legal Criminals can't be dealt with in a moral, just, and effective manner (so as to avoid repeating the same thing again), without harming innocent people in the process, then it may be a good time to adjust the process competitively, so as to improve the quality of the process (less or no collateral damage), and to reduce the cost of the process (less tortured souls, a smaller pile of mass murdered).

By what process are our home grown Nazi War Criminals held to account right now?

By what process would our home grown Nazi War Criminals be held to account when we return to something competitive, such as a Democratic Federated Republic, or Constitutional Limited Government?

Nation State - Legal Crime

Republic - Due Process

We all have to acclimatize starting now. We can't get from A to B over night, but we can start on the road back to B over night such as:

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning."
Henry Ford

There is absolutely no need to injure innocent victims along the path of Liberty, it is, in fact, counter productive toward that end (beginning).

"Why give the criminals a 12 month heads up? Also, why make the Treasury Sec Tim Geithner the one who approves the actions during the winding down of the FED? Serious conflict of interest don't you think? If I were counterfiting money and got caught but was told that I could keep counterfiting for 1 more you think I would slow down or speed up on my printing?"

I went off on a rant, where I should have read deeper into your reply. That scenario written out in the quote above definitely concerns me because that scenario allows for greater injury to innocent people compared to an obvious competitive option: such as removing the power abused by that person who has proven over time to be an abuser of power, beyond a shadow of doubt, as far as I am concerned. I am not on a lawful jury in due process. Here is where it makes sense to find someone with a proven record of being honest, such as Ron Paul, and see if he can make the right decision concerning Tim Geithner.

Who will have more legal power when Ron Paul is President, and what can Ron Paul do if Tim Geithner abuses the power he commands in that future scenario written out in that way?

Anyone, anywhere, who has given up all of their power, and transferred all their power to Ron Paul, or transferred all power to anyone, is a powerless fool - voluntarily so. I trust Ron Paul because my mode of operation is to presume innocence until proven (beyond a shadow of doubt) guilt, and so far, after 20 or so years of reading about, and personally hearing speeches by, Ron Paul, there is very little indication, if any, that he has lied, lending almost no, or no, indication that he will lie.

That is not to say that he won't lie, and there are powerful forces that can be used to force him to lie: do you remember why Ross Perot stepped out of the Presidential Election in 1992?

An example of the power wielded by the Legal Criminals is well told in the case of the U.S.S. Liberty. The Legal Criminals running Israel into the torture and mass murder for hire business tried to sink a U.S. Navy Ship so as to blame that False Flag on Egypt. The Israel version of Neo-Cons, known as Zionists, failed to sink the ship. A counter attack was launched from a nearby U.S. Aircraft carrier, to defend the Liberty, but that was called off, and the attack to sink the Liberty lasted longer, but the ship refused to sink. The Liberty refused to go under. When the cover up was well underway, while the survivors of the Liberty crime were eager to find justice, those survivors were told that there are worse things than dying, so shut the hell up. Those survivors eventually spoke up, but the point is that threats are not only made, they are made real in torture chambers purchased on our dimes.

Attack on Liberty, did not succeed

It would be criminal negligence for us to let that happen on our watch, by some accurate measure, by some account, even if the only one keeping score is God, or The Devil, or both.

"The criminals are not stacking all the "money" away for a rainy day...they are buying prescious medals and real estate. Unless RP has an ace up his sleeve and is just telling the FED that they will have a year to wind it down and is actually planning to create a competing medium of exchange that is based on the production of the commodity that will back the new medium of exchange...then (as you stated) there is no reason for us to allow the legal looting of the American people to continue for a single day longer than is necessary."

I'm not sure how things will work out in detail but in principle there is an anti-thesis to monopoly and that anti-thesis to monopoly is competition, and the synthesis in the equation is Liberty, or more competition.

Unlike the legal crime game whereby one regime is created, such as Nazi Germany was created by booming that economy with money printed from The FED (Wall Street), and that is the Thesis, and then another Anti-Thesis is created in Russia, same routine of transferring large amounts of legal fraud purchasing power to cause Stalin's regime to rise, where the Synthesis is World War II, so as to transfer The World Reserve Currency Power of Extortion and Fraud from The British Pound, where their power was being busted, to The Dollar Hegemony, where their power was being boomed, as The Dollar Hegemony swoops in to pick up the pieces, unlike that Thesis - Anti-Thesis = Synthesis, the Liberty equation ends That Monopolistic Business Cycle since Monopoly cannot exist where non-criminal competition exists.

Here is where the reaction is to say that crime will always compete.

Here is where the answer is to note, accurately, that the only power that can be used by criminals is the power stolen from those who are honest and therefore productive in the liberty that they maintain by their honest productivity.

The way out is not to become that which we abhor.

The way out is not to be the worst evil.

The way out is not to use the cause of the problem to treat the problem.

The way out is to avoid unwelcome connections to the criminals, like cutting a credit card used by a dead beat seeking to buy things of value.

No, Liberty says, that is not credit, that is crime, no thanks.

Note: I have nothing against credit cards used by honest competitors in a market that avoids connections to criminals, including the avoidance of connections to legal criminals. Non-criminal competition may produce many forms of competitive money where those forms find their own special interests.