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Not so fast

The article is confusing.
It does not tell exactly if Brian voted for Romney or, if he did, what happened after.

"The sergeant-at-arms told Brian to remain where he was, and that he would look into the matter. Neither he nor his assistant returned.

However, shortly thereafter, Ivan Dubois, an employee of the Utah Republican Party, polled Brian and several other national delegates as to whom they wished to vote for. Brian, a Ron Paul supporter, directed Ivan to cast his vote for Mitt Romney because the party rule in place at the time of the primary required delegates to vote for Utah’s first-place selection in the presidential primary. Thus, his vote was cast for Mitt Romney instead of Ron Paul (whom he intended to support, but did not for fear of being removed from the floor of the convention)."

But GOP directed to vote for McCain!!!! What happened after?

So if Ben made a mistake in his numbers (90 vs 68), your "original source" reporting was not very clear either.