Comment: I just beamed a smile that

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I just beamed a smile that

I just beamed a smile that may end up bringing about world peace. And it has nothing to do with this news.

A liberty-oriented journalist who doesn't kowtow to MSM foolishness is actively engaged in the dialogue presented on this liberty-oriented community of Paul supporters and informers. When we use DP (amongst other sources) like this, we really get to the bottom of this shit. Use of this site alongside independent research TRULY allows us to refine our arguments and reach an understanding of how to make big things happen in this race. After seeing this collaboration, my faith in our power as a grassroots movement has been reborn (not to imply that it ever went away!). Keep it up, we have an unbelievable amount of momentum right now!!! Nothing can stop this "brushfire of freedom in the minds of men" we have created.

It's time to work even HARDER. You know they're getting worried, as exemplified by their sudden change in attitude towards our candidate. The behavior change from ignoring us to fighting us is so telling in how this election is going, and it means we're on the verge of bringing this thing home. This is OUR fight, and it's our fight to win.