Comment: Paul, Romney and McCain

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Paul, Romney and McCain

are all that's left. Hard to imagine anyone thinking that just a few short months ago, eh?

Giuliani NEEDS to win Florida. It's been so hyped in the media that he skipped the first few primary states to focus on Florida that if he doesn't win it will be the ultimate embarrassment. He'll probably stay in the race until at least super Tuesday, but with a defeat in Florida, I don't think it will do him much good. He might drop out sooner than that if one of the other candidates offers him a VP slot/cabinet position if he drops and endorses them, but judging by his meager showings in all of the races so far, I don't know how beneficial that would be. An unlikely endorsement from Fred Thompson would help him, but again, that is unlikely.

Huckabee is running on fumes. His campaign is out of money and the hype that surrounded his campaign earlier this month is all but gone. His only hope is if a lot of Fred Thompson's Florida supporters flock to him, but I don't see that happening. I wouldn't be surprised if Huckabee musters up just enough cash to keep him in the race until super Tuesday, banking on strong wins in the South.

Romney has the support and he has the money so barring something totally unexpected, I think he's in the race til the bitter end.

McCain, on the other hand, has the support but he's still lacking the money. Although it's been proven several times that being outspent doesn't necessarily mean defeat, it might be hard to defend against attack ads from Romney since Romney can afford them and McCain can't.

Paul has the money and is starting to gather a respectable amount of votes. He has more delegates than Giuliani (and if last night's Louisiana caucuses go his way, he will be very near Huckabee's delegate count) and more total votes than Thompson or Giuliani. A great boost to his campaign would come from beating Giuliani in Florida--certainly not impossible. That would finally (hopefully) give his campaign some legitimacy to the media and perhaps the other candidates would stop laughing at him during debates. Besides that, he's the only conservative left. Paul's got the cash and the die hard supporters that expect him to be campaigning until the convention.