Comment: On One Point....NeverQuit Is Quite Right......

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On One Point....NeverQuit Is Quite Right......

Neverquit is right on this point..........

""""""The delegates for Ron Paul are attempting to take over GOP positions in an attempt to reshape the GOP back to it's conservative and constitutional roots, if they only vote their concious without understanding the consequences that could be stowed upon them, they could lose the positions in power they have recently achieved, making all of their work for naught."""""""

States could have penalties for abstaining or voting for someone else other than the "official winner" if the delegate is "bound". For example...

I live in NJ. NJ delegates are bound. Let's say I go to the convention and I abstain or vote for Paul instead of Romney...assuming Romney wins the NJ Primary.

My delegate vote has to count. I can't be removed from the convention floor. However, the N.J. GOP could punish me with "Censure". The "Censure" would be that I would be "kicked out" of the NJ GOP....not sure if I would be kept out for years...or permanently. I'm pretty sure this is the penalty that NJ enforces.....I'm sure other states are different.

This is where Neverquit is correct. Let's say that I have joined the GOP on the local level....and that I have been attending the hope of taking the power back on a local or state level. Let's say I've been doing this for two years. If I abstain or vote for Paul on the 1st ballot....I won't have any problems at the convention.....but my plans for a long-term takeover on a local GOP level....would be ruined.....because I will be "censured" by the STATE GOP.

This is why the convention will be kind of like a chess match....and that communication with the delegates before and while the National Convention is taking place.... will be the key.

The Campaign will have to use their delegates like chess pieces. There will be "pawn" delegates....and "power" delegates. The "pawn" delegates will be the "expendable" delegates....meaning these will be the delegates who are just delegates and are NOT involved in the GOP on a local level trying to take over the GOP LONG-TERM. These "pawn" delegates will be the ones who will be used to abstain or vote for Paul on the first ballot.

The "power" delegates....those are delegates that you want to protect. These delegates are and have been for a while...involved in their local GOP...and have long-term goals. These delegates will NOT abstain or vote for Paul on the first ballot....the Paul campaign does not want to lose their long-term power. The "power" delegates will stayed for the winner of their primary...on the 1st...or second...or third ballots....until they are "freed" from their obligation. "Power" delegates should only be "sacrificed" (abstaining or voting for Paul on 1st ballot).....if we are desperate...and don't have enough "pawn" delegates to keep Romney from hitting the magic number.(1,144 delegates)

This is how I believe it should and will play out on the Convention floor in Tampa.

Wouldn't you agree Never?