Comment: Guys and Gals, the man makes a good point

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Guys and Gals, the man makes a good point

He is not arguing wither the RNC recognizes the State and County delegate by laws.

He is arguing that States, SD's, counties, Precincts etc, have all had conventions prior and have adopted certain bylaws with various penalties for breaking those by laws.

Now the issue at hand is that if we get to Tampa, have a massive uprising, Vote for Ron on Ballot 1 and dont get it ($hiT!), then dont get it on 2(WTF!!!) so on and so forth and end up losing somehow. (Depression)

But the issue then is, two fold, what we have done then is;

1st and most importantly: Lost
2nd and also important: We could have possibly alienated ourselves, and broken certain bylaws from our State and County, or Precinct, Senate District conventions (All the conventions prior)

The problem with that is, What are the penalties for breaking the bylaws? Some may be, zilch, but what if some say, "Your kicked out of the Private Club" or "Cannot become a delegate again" or "No delegate for 5 years" etc. That would seriously be incredibly negative for our campaign. Im all for believing, " well we are just going to take it over" but in reality THAT MIGHT NOT HAPPEN! and we have to be sure to cover our back side. to ensure that we do not, blow our shot, and then not have a chance/enough time for a reload. We have them on the ropes, we should take our shot, but it has to be a damn good shot, and if it misses, we need to be able to take another one, and quick bc then they know EXACTLY WHAT YOUR UP TO.

What we need to do is, go back, study our State, Senate District, County, Precinct, etc Convention Rules and Bylaws and identify what they are so we know the best way to move forward. We cannot wait on the campaign to do this for us, this is a central tennate in our movement, personal responsibility!

If you find out that, "oh i can be kicked out forever or 5 years" or whatever, let others know so you can coordinate and decide what is right for yall...

REMEMBER, THIS MOVEMENT IS NOT JUST ABOUT 2012, BUT BEYOND, 2014 is right around the corner and we can really take a lot of control in lower level leadership positions, but not if we are somehow in eligible.

this is in no way meant to, piss anyone off or make anyone think im some kinda Romney Shill, IM NOT!!

I care enough about this Campaign to not let a simple foolish mistake cost us, I want to continue moving forward as the r3VOLution who took over the party and Govt by their own rules. and in a civil and correct way, we do not want to fall on our own knife.

Please take this with the utmost respect, love and compassion. I do not know all the answers to the questions Ive posed and im sure there are many more scenarios that i did not cover, but we must ask these questions, to gain a better enlightenment.

For, Peace, Prosperity and Freedom

Don't stop believing