Comment: A Mainstream Approach To Gather Support

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A Mainstream Approach To Gather Support

For Ron Supporters this week has been pivotal. They now have a concrete theme to describe and motivate undecided voters in describing the current political manoeuvring of the Ron Paul campaign. Ben Swann has single handedly provided the Ron Paul movement a credible and rational platform which I believe will provide all Paul supporters with talking points that can be taken seriously by the mainstream.

Avoid conspiracy theories and anti establishment rhetoric when you post or discuss Ron Paul's movement with undecided voters. Discuss policies that are relevant to all American's daily lives and explain the reason for why Ron Paul is gaining momentum with delegates not with anti-establishment "we are taking down the system" rhetoric but along the lines that was described by Ben Swann: The delegate system is a checks and balance. The delegates vote their conscience to either support the popular vote or against it if circumstances warrant. The process is one, in a sense, by which delegates vote in consideration of the popular vote but not by a mandate by the popular vote.

I would also suggest toning down the paranoia and yeah somewhat childish complaining of voter fraud. I have said this before. Most Americans don't know, couldn't care less or expect that sort of stuff to go on anywhay. It is the part of game. Filling blogs with conspiracy theories and complaints of election fraud is all sour grapes and not effective in swaying votes to the Ron Paul side.

Time to go mainstream!

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