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Enough of your nonsense....

Why don't you quit acting like a spoiled child and calm down. If you really are a Ron Paul supporter, I have no reason to believe you're not, then why don't you quit acting like a provocateur.

We all know that Cass Sunstien has little minions on their computers trying to disrupt forums that are liberty minded like the one we are on.

We have far more important things to do than to fight over a non-issue right now. When you are in a war or a game or competition, you don't sit around and try to bring the morale down.

You may say that you are not doing this but let me help you out with that one, yes you are, you are bringing my morale down so please knock it off and get back up in line with the rest of us and find something to say that will help us win this fight against these International Banksters.