Comment: Sacrifice Yourself for Liberty!!!

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Sacrifice Yourself for Liberty!!!

Please, don't worry about the Censure .. because so much is at stake right now.

This is Ron Paul's one last chance to win. If he wins, then all the Wars will stop. All the Human Torture will stop. All The Bank Bailouts will stop. All the punishment of Whistleblowers will stop.

The whole soul of the Country will change for the better.

So, do not worry about being "kicked out of the GOP", because there are plenty of new Ron Paul supporters popping-up all the time that can take your place when that happens -- and you'll still retain the right-to-vote (as an Independent), and to send your friends or wife in your place as a local GOP rep (in your place).

But listen: NOBODY OTHER THAN YOU HAS THE DELEGATE POWER TO BLOCK THE ROMNEY CORONATION RIGHT NOW, AND GET RON PAUL ELECTED! So you must regard this as your most important task -- that overrides all other personal concerns right now.

Let's get Ron Paul elected first, and if that happens then the groundswell of this new movement will be so great that taking over the local GOP will be almost an inevitable direction and consequence anyway.