Comment: It's important for us to go into this convention...

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It's important for us to go into this convention...

fully informed so that we are aware of the consequences of our actions, whether they be major or insignificant. We may not agree with all of their conclusions but the resulting discussion is often, helpful, provided it remains positive and respectful.

Neverquit has made important contributions to our understanding of the delegate procesa and Robert's Rules of Order. This, in part, is what inspired me to create the Robert's Rules (Video Library).

I think ATruepatriot put it well when he said it's important to read between the lines as sometimes our egos get in the way. The tone of Neverquit's comments or posts may be brusque at times but he is trying to help. A DP user(I don't remember who) has a tagline that reads, "To disagree, one doesn't have to be disagreeable." That's a good motto for us all.

I give both Beth Swann and Neverquit due respect for their efforts.