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Maybe someday

My wife and I are huge fans of The West Wing. We have watched the series once or twice, and just finished watching an episode. We love the politics of it all while (mostly) disagreeing with the policies.

It's insane...five years ago, when we were watching it for the first time, we HATED the policies on the show. Superliberalism. Big government to solve all problems.

Today, when we watch some episodes, we'll look at each other and say, "Man! Bartlet is so much more libertarian-minded than the President, even Bush!"

Anyway...about every few nights after we watch an episode or two, she'll always tell me, "You should run for office."

I think about it for a while, and nod my head lovingly while not really considering it.

I'm in the military, and will be (hopefully) for many more years.

After that, I may consider it.

I had my Ron Paul Conversion this past fall, so I'm "new" to the game, but I'm pretty passionate about where I stand on liberty. So much so that my Facebook posts are 90% dedicated to news about Ron Paul and liberty.

The way I figure it, I've sworn an oath that most American's haven't: To defend the Constitution against any enemy, and to bear true faith and allegiance to the same. I take that oath seriously, and I wouldn't be a good steward of my responsibility if I didn't understand what that oath meant: To defend the Constitution. Not a political party; not a person; not an idea.

Anyway...I'm prattling on about this. In the future, if "God wills it," I could see myself running for office, although I'm not sure how any office is considered "high" anymore.

Or maybe that would have to be the psychological status of anyone willing to run for office: High.

Active Duty U.S. Navy Submarine Officer...FOR RON PAUL!!!