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I think it's good

Been doing some reading and while the 2008 situation was unique, the RNC legal letter was not specific to that situation. State parties determine binding not the RNC. And I think this is where some of the confusion is coming into play determining state party rules from nation. So this letter was essentially saying that sure the states may bind their delegates but the RNC will not enforce, support or recognize such binding considering all on the national convention floor, free agents. It reminds me of the DOMA law which the republicans pushed to reconcile the problems of full faith and credit. Sure the states can pass laws allowing for gay marriage, but if the gay married couple decides to move to a state that does not support gay marriage, that state would not be required to recognize said union under law as they would for traditional marriage. By all means correct this if my assumptions are in error, but I think we are good and can use this 08 RNC letter as validation for delegates to abandon Romney.