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Very good!

I have learned throughout this revolution that simply winning the argument is not enough. It is one thing to have the most facts and beat someone over the head and win the argument, but it is not the goal simply to win arguments-it is to win people. At first I was the "passionate" Ron Paul supporter that could make others look stupid, but now I am the compassionate Ron Paul supporter (passionate in a different way) that tries to have discussions, listen to why they believe what they believe, and gently lead them into facts. This has been hard especially around those who really have no argument and do not care about facts but it has been effective. We must remember that we are representatives of Dr. Paul and what we do reflects on him. It is as if we are baring his political name. Whenever someone makes me want to pull my hair out, I simply go to my of my RP friends or family and "vent" to them. We must always remember that if the person feels that they are just being attacked or made to look stupid, they will have even more anger towards us than before. Listening and responding with compassion and facts is the key. We may not convert them on every issue immediately, but we place a seed that others will hopefully come along and fertilize further. It is foolish to think that we can change people's beliefs in minutes or even hours, when they have held some of these views for years upon years. Just keep the conversation going and try your best to bring some truth into their lives. :) Ron Paul or no one at all!

Just another person trying to change the world... :)